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Community Advocates

Community Advocates expand the Windham community’s voice in our local food system by serving as the line of communication between the WCFN and the community. Each community advocate lives in a different part of town and has an established rapport with their neighbors. They will bring their issues to the WCFN table, where we can engage stakeholders and resources to impact them. The communication line also works in the other way as well. The advocates inform their neighbors about WCFN projects, resources, and initiatives. 

The Community Advocates project also contributes to more egalitarian engagement among constituents and “providers”. The advocates’ stipend, $150 for 10 hours per month, is the same rate of compensation as for the WCFN backbone support staff. Though a small sum, it both makes possible the participation of those living on a limited income, as well as equally values the time and contribution of all participants. 

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