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If you’re interested in learning more about the Windham Community Food Network working groups and our activities, view the brief description of each group below, and click the link to view notes from our meetings.

Our working groups include:


  • Local Economic Opportunity
    The Local Economic Opportunity  working group, was formerly called Local Production. The name change came as we realized the activities of this group truly support the economic growth of all local food businesses, not just those who grow the food.
  • Food Access

    The Food Access working group aims to make sure our community has access to fresh, affordable and culturally appropriate food. This group brings together the Willimantic Farmers’ Market, Willimantic Food Coop and food assistance providers, including soup kitchens and food pantries in Willimantic.

  • Education

    The Education working group strives to provide education about food and healthy life styles to both children and adults in the Windham Community.  This group brings together community members along with the public schools and community educators to make sure needs and desires are being addressed.

  • Growing Spaces
    Growing Spaces aims to encompass every community garden in Windham. This group helps to connect community gardens with resources and looks for ways to utilize food grown in community gardens to feed the community.
  • Engagement

    Our Engagement working group  works to promote Windham Community Food Network to potential participants and the greater community as a whole. In addition, to promoting the network, this group helps to promote individual events that network participants host throughout the community.


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