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The Windham Community Food Network’s mission is to “create opportunities for the community by building a healthy food network.” The health of each one of us affects the health and well-being of our entire community. Citizens of Windham County have an opportunity to take action to improve food access and health in our community.

The WCFN was launched in 2015 through a broad surveying initiative of local food system partners as well as a  “dialogue-to-action” process facilitated by Everyday Democracy, that engaged diverse community members and food system partners in a series of community dialogues and an “action forum”. Our projects and priorities emerged out of this process, and therefore have the mandate of their constituents as well as represent the leveraging of local resources to meet local food system needs and opportunities. 

We are an alliance of diverse community members, farmers, businesses, agencies, and partners who are working together to build relationships, share ideas, and develop projects to promote access to healthy food, generate economic opportunities, and promote diverse community participation in problem-solving for the Windham Region. The network focuses on the intersection of community voice and local food system resources.  


Make Connections and build a strong group of community members, partners, and allies.


Hear from community and stakeholders about needs and barriers to accessing/distributing food.


Share ideas about how to improve our local food system with a focus of redistributing resources already in our community


Meet local food needs and create opportunities for education, health, economic development, and community participation.


A regional network focused on increasing economic viability for farmers and low income consumer food access across Eastern Connecticut.

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