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Community Advocates

The “Community Advocate” Program was created in 2018 as an effort to involve more community members in the WCFN's work. We provide stipends to individuals who would not normally have the luxury of volunteering their time due to hectic work schedules, family and income needs. In exchange for this stipend, each Community Advocate devotes 10 hours a month towards bettering our local food system. 


Community Advocates serve as the line of communication between the WCFN and the community. They bring their issues to the WCFN table, where we work as a team to address them, and in return they inform their neighbors about WCFN projects, resources and initiatives. 


The goals of the Community Advocate Program are to: 

-- Expand Community Voice, both by supporting more community members to participate in WCFN projects and decision-making, and, in turn, supporting them to survey and engage their own neighbors and networks.


-- Empower Local Leaders, by supporting advocates to envision and develop projects that will promote food justice in their community.

Meet The Team

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