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Community Fridge

Take What you Need, Leave What You Don’t

Location: Whitewater Park, 28 Bridge St, Willimantic, CT

Behind the small blue door on the left side of the building.   


The Community Fridge is a public space where ANYONE may donate or take food for personal use.  This is a common space that we can use to improve our community’s access to food.  No questions asked.  The shelves are cleaned and stocked regularly by Community Advocates who work for or volunteer with the Windham Community Food Network.  If you are interested in volunteering at the community shelves, please contact us!



Before Donating, ask Yourself:

Is it packaged properly?

Is it still fresh?

Can it store for at least a week unattended?


There are some things we will not accept in the community fridge, including half eaten items, spoiled produce, meat, and already opened dry goods.  These things pose a food safety risk to anyone using the fridge.


Use of the Freezer

It is used to store large donations of freezable food items that can be defrosted and added to the fridge when space becomes available. You may also donate meat that is in original packaging and was frozen before its expiration date. 



If you have surplus food that doesn’t need refrigeration but is still at risk of going to waste in your household, you can put it on the shelves next to the fridge.


How to Stock

Ready to eat foods should be placed at the top of the fridge. Unwashed salad, fruit and vegetables should be placed at the middle/bottom of the fridge or in crisper drawers.

High Priority Items

Alcohol/sanitary wipes


Snack Bars



Fruit Cups

Shelf Stable Milk


Bottled Water


Frozen Hotdogs/Hamburgers (any meat donations must be frozen and in original packaging)

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