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Plant A Row

Reducing Waste, While Improving Food Access

The Plant-A-Row Program connects home gardeners with our many food distribution outlets.  We strive to reduce food waste in our communities, while improving access to locally grown produce.  Operating since 2020, Plant-A-Row allows anyone to contribute to our local food system. 


Plant-A-Row begins with our various seed and plant distributions in the Spring.  We pass out free seed packets at the annual Know Your Farmer Fair and distribute more to the Willimantic Library “Little Free Seed Library”.  Anyone may take as many seed packets as they desire, and no library card or commitment is required. 

At the annual Veggiestock Festival in early June, we distribute free plants that are donated by various local farms, schools, and partnering organization Grow Windham.  We encourage anyone to grow food in their backyards, raised beds, pots in the window, or however possible!


Home growers are encouraged to then donate their extra produce back to Plant-A-Row, giving back to their community. 


How To Donate

  1. Bring clean produce from your garden directly to the Community Fridge in Whitewater Park. 

  2. Weigh the produce (each type of produce you bring) using the scale next to the fridge

  3. Leave produce in the fridge and text Community Fridge Coordinator at (860) 341-1542 with your name, the weights and description of items

  4. The food will either be utilized from the fridge by other community members, or one of our Community Advocate will pick it up and distribute for our weekly Community Table Program

  5. You can donate all season long and we will report your total donation weights in the Fall!

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